The following titles were consulted in researching and selecting the books included in the exhibition. They were also used to compose the description accompanying each monograph. Please consult a comprehensive research guide, Canadian Literature & Poetry in English, for related sources.  

Bringhurst, Robert. The Surface of Meaning: Books and Book Design in Canada. Vancouver: CCSP Press, 2008. 

A history of Canadian book design and typography, from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. 

Campbell, Sandra. Both Hands: A Life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson Press. Montréal: McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2013.

Analyzes the life and work of Lorne Albert Pierce (1890–1961), the influential, long-serving editor of Ryerson Press, within the historical context of Canadian literature and publishing. Pierce is also recognized for his accomplishments as a publisher, biographer, and literary critic.

Fleming, Patricia, and Yvan Lamonde, et al., eds. History of the Book in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2004.

A comprehensive monograph on a history of the book, print culture, book design, publishing and librarianship in Canada. Includes chapters by historians, librarians, and literary scholars from across the country. In three volumes. Volume One: “Beginnings to 1840,” Volume Two: “1840–1918,” Volume Three: “1918–1980.”

Lee, Alvin A. "Victoria's Contribution to Canadian Literary Culture." From Cobourg to Toronto, Victoria University in Retrospect: the Sesquicentennial Lectures, 1986, edited by Goldwin S. French and Gordon L. McLennan. Toronto: Chartres Books, 1989. 69–85. 

Discusses the influence of Victoria's liberal-arts curriculum and the literary scholarship of Pelham Edgar (1871–1948), Kathleen Coburn (1905–1991), and Northrop Frye (1912–1991) on Canadian culture. 

Frye, Northrop. The Bush Garden: Essays on the Canadian Imagination. Concord: House of Anansi, 1995.

The collection of essays by Northrop Frye may be read as a record of poetic production in English Canada during one of its crucial periods. He discusses the imaginative legacy bequeathed to present and future Canadian writers by the earlier novelists and poets.

Historica Canada. The Canadian Encyclopedia, http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/. Accessed 26 July 2017.

A comprehensive online encyclopedia with entries on all aspects of Canadian culture, history, poetry, and literature. Includes biographies, descriptions of historical events and places, and other topics. Many entries include a list of recommended readings.

Jennings, H.C. The Methodist Book Concern: A Romance of History. New York: Methodist Book Concern, 1924.

Discusses the importance of education among the early adherents of John and Charles Wesley and chronicles the emergence of journal and magazine publishing in the Methodist Episcopal Church of the United States of America.  

Klinck, Carl F., et al. Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1976.

An exhaustive reference work on the English literary history of Canada in four volumes. Includes a bibliography.

Lecker, Robert, and Jack David, eds. The Annotated Bibliography of Canada's Major Authors. Downsview: ECW Press, 1979.

Each volume discusses a number of different authors (for example, vol. 1 has Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence, Hugh McLennan, Mordecai Richler, and Gabrielle Roy), gives an introduction to the author, lists the works and any translations, gives criticisms, lists contributions by the author to periodicals, books and anthologies, lists the short stories and published other works such as articles, theses, and dissertations. Any awards and honours gained by the author are listed, as well as selected book reviews.

Pitt, David G. E.J. Pratt: The Master Years, 1927–1964. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1987.

An authoritative biography of the poet, including his academic career at Victoria College and rise to the prominence as a Canada’s national poet.

Pitt, David G. E.J. Pratt: The Truant Years, 1882–1927. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1984.

An authoritative biography of the poet, covering his childhood in Newfoundland, relocation to Toronto and education at Victoria College, marriage to Viola Whitney Pratt, family life, and early poetic endeavours. Pratt’s life is contextualized within the history of poetry and publishing in Canada.

Smith, Donald B. Sacred Feathers: The Reverend Peter Jones (Kahkewaquonaby) and the Mississauga Indians. 2nd ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013.

A biography of Peter Jones (1802–1856), an Ojibway chief, missionary, and educator, based on Jones's letters, diaries, sermons, and publications. 

Sugars, Cynthia C, and Laura F. E. Moss, eds. Canadian Literature in English: Texts and Contexts. Toronto: Pearson Longman, 2009.

An excellent anthology of Canadian poetry, literature, and non-fiction, arranged chronologically and published since the sixteenth century to 1920. Each poem, literary selection or short story is prefaced with biographical material. Some of the authors included are Jan van der Straet, Joseph Brant (Thayendanegea), Oliver Goldsmith, Emily Murphy, and others.